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This site is primarily for artists, vendors, and venues, concerning art shows that I curate.  I am always looking for new artists of all mediums and new venues to host events.


I am an artist, vendor and curator.  I know what it is like to be starting out and trying to make your own destiny.  It was hard for me when I started, because there wasn’t a lot of information out there for me to prepare for selling, displaying or even talking about my work.  I learned the hard way.  I try not to charge commissions or fees to my artists and vendors because I know how hard it is to try to make it.  When I do have to charge a fee or take a commission, I try to keep them as low as possible.  I also provide you with lots of information on what to expect of me, the venue, the customers, etc.  In return, I expect you to scratch my back by promoting the events you are in heavily.  It isn’t hard and it doesn’t have to cost you anything.  As a bonus, the more you promote, the more you help yourself because the more people that come, the more likely that you will make sales. 


To get the first notifications of shows I am booking artists and vendors for, add the Facebook Group:  Los Angeles Emerging Artists.


I am currently taking submissions for the following shows:

See schedule of events to the right.


You can learn how to make your art hang-ready!  Not only does this complete your work on a piece, but it is required for nearly every show I curate.  You can buy the very comprehensive book for only $5.


About this site: 

If you are an artist and would like to be in one of my upcoming shows, go to the event’s page and fill out the submission form.  If you are not ready to do one of my shows in the near future but would like to be included in my mailing list, and have not been in one of my shows before, please use the form on the Artist Contact page and let me know about you and your work.


If you are a vendor and would like to be in one of my shows, be aware that not all types of vendors can participate in all of my shows. When in doubt if your products will fit the event or what is considered a product versus what is considered art, ask me via email. To participate in one of my shows, fill out the submission form for the shows you would like to be in or if you don’t see events at the moment, but would like to be on my mailing list, fill out the Vendor Contact Form.


If you are a venue and would like to have an art show at your location, please use the form on the Venue Contact page.  I can provide artists and/or vendors for your venue which is a great way to increase your numbers for a night and attract more repeat patrons.  Your venue could be anything, such as a club, parking lot, warehouse, bar, restaurant, park, gallery, meeting space, house, etc.


If you are looking for information about how a particular show is run or details about an art show you have been confirmed for, please go to the appropriate event page. 


Information about art shows I am in and/or curating can be found in the Schedule of Events at the top right side of this page..


If you are looking for a venue to host an event or a musician, I am not the person you should be contacting.