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The following information is for the Art Show at B4-Y2K only.  This information may change at any time.  Only artists that have been confirmed and have paid their $2 fee are part of the show for the date(s) assigned.  If you would like to be in one of the show, fill out the form at the bottom of this page after reading thru all of the information.  I will continue to accept artists until the show is full.  When the show is FULL, I will have a wait list, just in case there is a cancellation.




The Art show at  B4-Y2K is in Sunday August 2nd, 2015 from 10pm-2:00am.  Set-up time is 9pm sharp.  Tear down time begins at 1am.


Please read all of the information.  Do not blame me for not telling you something that is written on this site.  For example, I had an artist tell me that I didn't tell them to bring lights, when that information is there along with a whole bunch of other information about what to expect.  There is also a checklist available for items to bring with you.  



Set-up time:

Set up time is 9-9:45pm, no exceptions. It is important that you get there promptly and set up quickly.  I can not stress this enough.  If you don't get there before 9:30pm, I reserve the right to give your spot to someone else.  Should it rain, the event will be either moved indoors or rescheduled.  You are responsible for your work, you bring it, hang it, sell it, guard it, take it down, etc.  A few artists in the past have had assistants come on their behalf.  I don't recommend this since most buyers want to ask you questions about your work before they buy it.  Also, since the show is on the patio, you may want to bring a jacket.




Tear-down time:   

The club is open until 2:00am you may begin tearing down your display after 1:00am. 




Type of art:

All mediums welcome, however I may not be able to fit your work in a show if I have too many artists working in similar styles in the same medium as your work.  You may create art at the event.  Please bring appropriate supplies such as drop cloths and cleaners if you plan to draw, paint, etc at the event.   No vendors for this show.



If you are a photographer or want to take photos of the event, you must get explicit permission from the club prior to the show from Randy LeoDragon. 




Guest list: 

You are getting a beyond generous guest list of 5 people per artist.  If you have helpers during set up time, they must be on your guest list.  I need these names no later than August 1st at 3pm PST. If you are late getting me your guest's names, I can not guarantee their name will make it to the guest list. You and your guest need to be 21 and over. The guest list expires at midnight. 


Participation fee:

In order to participate in the show, each artist must pay a small fee of $2 for their spot.  This must be paid via paypal to within 48 hours of your confirmation or before the event, which ever comes first.  If you don't have Paypal, that's fine, just let me know and we can come to an arrangement.  If you don't make it to the event for one reason or another, you can transfer the fee to another artist if I approve the work.  No refunds will be given.   



Don’t forget to promote the show!  Each artist is responsible for promoting the show on all of their social media accounts and on their website.  The more you promote, the better the show for us all.  I do not charge a commission for this show in exchange for you promoting the event.  Re-post flyers on your websites, MySpace, Facebook, Live Journal, Twitter, Instagram, Evite, etc.  So spread the word every way you can.  Get your friends to re-post and come out, too!  The flyers is available on Facebook here.  If you don’t promote, we don’t have a good turn out.  So be a team player and get people to come.  (Hint:  I actually look and see if you have the show listed on your website and Facebook.)  I don't like it when you don't promote.  If I can't find your promotion, I will be less likely to schedule you for future shows.  So make me aware of your promotions.  


You may not create your own graphics or flyers with the intent to represent B4-Y2K. If you need additional graphics of a particular size, layout, format, please let me know and I will provide them to you.





At The Monte Cristo3100 Wilshire Blvd, at Westmoreland Los Angeles, CA 90010

Please get detailed directions before coming to the venue.  It is a little tricky to get to the first time. Enter from the parking lot behind the building and go up the stairs. During set up time, enter from the black metal straight staircase at the very back of the parking lot up to the patio as the other staircase doesn't get unlocked until the club opens. Guests enter from the enclosed staircase towards the front of the parking lot when the club opens.





There is free street parking and the lot directly next to the club is $8 for the night. Any other questions, just ask.




Hanging, lighting, and displaying your work:

Please bring appropriate hanging supplies and tools.  You must remove all putty, tape, labels, artwork, etc by the end of the night.  If you need inspiration for displaying your work, don’t hesitate to ask. Just please do not wait until the last minute. No nails can be used (unless you are nailing into your own display). You should bring about 6 linear feet worth of stuff. All work should be ready to hang. You should bring enough work to fill your space, while allowing for some space between your section and the one next to you.  Bring your own hanging materials and tools.  To encourage you to show up for set up time early, I will not be assigning spaces in advance.  You pick out your spot when you arrive. You may also use easels to hang your work. Keep in mind that there you are carrying your work up 3 flights of stairs to get to the club. You should bring your own low wattage lighting.  Clip on lights from Home Depot with 65 watt or less light bulbs and shield work great.  I recommend the ones that have a bit of a “boom” extender arm. I encourage you to bring extension chords that can be used like a splitter. Your work should be labeled with your name and contact info at the very least. I also suggest you price and title your work. Currently there are 3 outlets that we all use, so again, it would be wise to bring a power chord and a power strip. 


This set up makes lighting artwork interesting.  Please don't spend a lot of money on your solution unless you want to.  I do have some easels that you can rent from me, but you need to let me know in advance.  I need to use some of them myself when I show, and there are many of you.  By the way, if you provide the thing you nail on, you can use nails to hang your work.  I know you guys are creative, so think of a creative solution that works for you, but let me know if you need help.  I am good at brainstorming.



Possible hanging solutions(see drawings on the "map" page if you need more clarification):

Over the door hooks (like the kind you put on your closet door without tools that holds a coat)

Easels, other display racks, tables, etc

Zip ties (make sure you bring scissors too!)

Wire, string, tape

Clamps with strips of wood

Pegboard and hooks

Super cool and creative solution that you come up with.


Each spot is relatively the same in size and set up, except for  Spot I which has a build in podium that can be used but not moved. 




If you would like to be in an upcoming show, please fill out the following form and get it to me ASAP. When I get your form, I will review your work and send you an emailed response from   I will confirm with you as soon as possible (give me a few days to respond).  Not all artists that submit for this show will be accepted.  You also need to be at least 21 years old to enter this venue.  Don't forget to mark your calendars which dates you would like to participate in.  Don't fill out the form unless you are willing to commit to the show(s) and can paypal me the participation fee within 48 hours of your confirmation.  If you are accepted in the show, I will then ask for your participation fee.  Flakes need not apply.




 Do not fill out the form below until you have read and understand everything above.  Thank you.





If for some reason the form below is not working, please email me the information to  Thanks!



Name for Promotions:
Primary Phone Number:
Secondary Phone Number:
Email Address:
Main mediums to be displayed:
I have read and understand and agree to the information provided on this page
Check this box if you have done a show with me before
I will promote this show in exchange for no commission.
Special Requests:
Sunday, August 2nd, 2015