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Hang Ready Workshop and Book


Making Art Hang-Ready Book

 I have written and illustrated a book on how to make your work hang ready.  It goes in to detail about the different types of traditional and alternative hanging devices, tools, where to hang your work, surfaces, and displays.    It features over 100 illustrations.  Not only does this book teach you how to attach the hanger to your artwork, and how and where to attach it to a wall, but it also teaches you the pros and cons of using certain hangers and displays.  62 pages of information!  Buy it now for only $5 each, plus $5 for Shipping and Handling on up to 5 books.


I sometimes offer this book along side a class.  This is a hands-on workshop.  I will teach you a few ways of making your artwork hang ready.  The first part of the workshop will include a short lecture on the various types of hanging methods and tools.  The second part will include a demonstration of a few of these methods.  The third part will be actually making a piece or two of yours hang ready.  For more info on what it means to be hang ready, go to:  FYI for Artists .  I will be discussing and demonstrating these methods and more. 

The next workshop will be scheduled when I have a group of 5 people who can commit to a date.  The class is typically 3 hours long.  Please don't be late.   The workshop length may extend further into the evening, or end early depending on how fast people are and how quickly I am able to get thru the information.  The minimum number of attendees is 5 and the maximum 10 for this workshop.  If there are less than 5 people, the event may be postponed and your money refunded.

You can also do a private hang-ready workshop with me for $60/each for up to 5 people.  Private workshops are up to 3 hours, and include more specialized instruction (for your specific hanging needs), more hands-on demonstrations, and more of your art to be made hang-ready.  You can also gather your friends to have a workshop at another location and time.  For scheduling your private workshop, email me at

You should bring: 

$40 for the class and $7 for the book and supplies. 

1 or 2 pieces you would like to make hang-ready (they don't need to be finished, but they need to be handled, so dry is mandatory).  If the work is on paper, bring a frame to make hang ready, or mounting surface. 

Something to take notes with and on.  If you have a special hanging device that you want to bring, bring that with you as well.   


I will provide basic hanging devices for you, tools, my know-how, and will also have other books on hand for reference.  If you have any questions, please ask.