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Art Shows at Studio 84                 

80's and 90's dance club focusing on Darkwave, Synthwave, Britpop, New Wave, and Goth music.  Each week we have a rotating group of artists and vendors.  I book all types of art and wares.  I curate the artist and vendor shows on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month.  It's only $5 a spot if you are selected (paid via PayPal).  If you want to check out the venue before booking a show, let me know and I can put you on the guest list for one of our events.  

There are lots of small round tables and chairs to use as a display or you can bring your own.  Nothing may be attached to the walls or curtains.  You will want to bring your own low wattage lights, extension cords, power strip, art/wares, and I highly suggest the following to increase sales:  business cards, credit card reader, something cheap, something pricey, note pad, writing utensils, and change fund for purchases.  All work and wares should be presented in a professional manner.  Art on paper should be mounted or bagged and boarded at a minimum.  Works on canvas should be hang-ready.  Frames are nice, but not necessary.  It's amazing how much your work will increase in perceived value with a small investment like a picture hanger.  Bring enough to fill 6 linear feet along a wall.  That could mean one big piece or 20 small pieces.  Bringing too much makes it look like you never sell a thing.  

Each participant must promote the event heavily.  If I don't see your promotions, they didn't happen.  It costs you nothing to click, copy, paste, share, and invite people.  We even set up an event page each week on Facebook for you.  Each participant also gets a free guest or helper. I am not charging you a commission because you are expected to promote a lot.

Set up time is at 9pm.   Please be there before 9:30pm at the latest.  The club goes from 10pm until 2am.  Tear down is at 1am.  


Be sure you are inviting your friends to the event!  If you get 5 paying people to come (have them mention your name at the door when they arrive), I'll refund your booth fee for the night.  Also, you each were getting just one free entry for a guest or helper, now you are getting a total of 5!  I suggest that you have your guest list people invite a friend or two.  I'll also give a prize to anyone who brings in 10 or more paying guests in a night.  Please let me know your guest list names by noon on Thursday.

Easy and FREE ways to promote the event and your wares:

Share the event page.

Invite people to the event.

Share a picture or two of your favorite pieces to the event page discussion.

Email your friends.

Add the event to your Facebook profile and page (from a computer, not phone or tablet, go to the event, click on the three dot button, click on add to page{s})

Studio 84 Thursday 6/22/17 * No Cover (B4 10:00 PM) WITH RSVP *

The stuff I have to say because of unprofessional artists and vendors:  There are no refunds if you flake and don't show up.  Give me enough notice and I can schedule you for a later date, but last minute cancellations and flakes don't give me time to fill your spot.  If you are lost or running late, call me.  Please make sure you update your calendar accordingly.  If you don't pay your spot fee within three days of being accepted, I will assume you aren't interested and give your spot to someone else.   Please don't show up late.  If you make a mess, clean it up before you leave.  Live painters must use non-toxic, fume-free materials and must use drop cloths.  If you don't promote, you are ashamed of your work, and you aren't doing yourself any favors.   If you know you have to leave really early, don't book yourself for that time.  

Would you like to be part of the event?

If you are interested in showing, please fill out the form below and I'll let you know if you are selected.  There is no application fee.  If for some reason the form is not working, please submit your info via email to:  If you are selected, you will be expected to pay your spot fee via PayPal within three days of notification.

Art Show at Studio 84 Application Form